Monday, January 23, 2012

Look at Her Now

So sorry about the poor quality, my camera is definitely not working right... but you can get a glimpse of what Lilli did today with Leslie. Leslie typed the question "what color is the dinosaur?" on the ipad, but did not tell Lilli what it said. She helped Lilli point to each word to get her to read it silently. Lilli read it and typed "green." She touched the letter "n" several times because it  would not come up. Finally Leslie helped her push hard on the "n" and it worked. This is one sample of many that Lilli read and answered today for Morgan and Leslie. Lilli is definitely typing the letters herself, but Leslie keeps her hand under her arm for support. We hope to eventually fade the support away completely. Lilli gets a ton of credit for typing so well on a small touchscreen despite her cerebral palsy! After she finishes typing, she rubs her hands together because that is her sign language sign for movie. Pretty much she's saying, alright I typed the answer for you, hit play! 

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