Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“Get Som” Pancakes

After Lilli told me she "hates" the roasted chicken we have been giving her, I made special chicken nuggets, just for her. She loves them.

It is the "New Chicken" in our house. Chloe likes them too. The breading is made with coconut flour. Lilli can't have regular flour or nut flour. Flour has been a big problem for us, until we recently discovered coconut flour. My mother in law helped me break through my fear of trying something new and messing it up. She made Lilli a loaf of coconut bread when she was here for Christmas. It's good. It's like banana bread, only instead of tasting like bananas, it tastes like coconut.

Hm. That came out sounding pretty dumb. Well, I'm not sure how else to describe it. But Lilli likes it, and that's all that matters. Since the bread and the nuggets turned out, I felt bold enough to try another new recipe.

Yesterday morning I made Lilli coconut flour pancakes for the first time. She loved them. I asked her if she wanted pancakes and she typed "Yes." You know she really wanted them because she typed the entire word, not just "Y." As they were cooking, I picked her up, put her on my hip, and pointed into the skillet.

"See, Lilli? Those are your pancakes cooking, just for you! What do you think?" I asked. I put her down in front of the ipad and took her hand. She typed,

"Get som."

I love this girl.

"Yes, you can have some pancakes when they are ready," I laughed.

Lilli never gets pancakes for breakfast. Well, she always steals mine. She's gotten good at it too. Sneaky. I feel so bad, my child has been stealing my pancakes and her siblings' chicken nuggets all this time. I wish I had known about coconut flour sooner so I would not have unintentionally taught my daughter to swipe other people's better tasting food behind their backs.

The pancakes were delicious, and Lilli obviously enjoyed them. I asked her if she liked them, and she typed "Yes." I think she again was confused about this new freedom with food, though. While I was still putting things on the table, I turned my back on her for a few seconds. When I turned around, the plate of pancakes was missing. And so was Lilli. She had grabbed the whole plate-full and ran off with them. I think she must have thought she had to steal them to eat them. Poor child.

Lilli's words "Hate chicken" have inspired me to cook all new things for her. Bread, chicken nuggets, pancakes. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a challenge at times. But there are lots of new recipes for me to try. Next I think I will try coconut flour cookies. We are cuckoo for coconut right now.

Tomorrow morning when Lilli "gets som" pancakes, I will remind her that she does not have to swipe them and run into the living room to eat them. Now that I think about it, I often stand and eat my food at the kitchen counter so that Josh and Lilli don't grab things off my plate. Chloe has learned that she cannot eat cereal or certain snacks at the table near Lilli, because Lilli will reach over and try to grab some. Here we all are, taking our food and hiding it or shielding it to eat it. I think we have some bad habits to address around here!

My mother in law found a recipe and changed it for Lilli. So she gets the credit for it!

Chicken Tenders - Mitzie Christine

1 cup coconut flour
minced fresh garlic and onion - total 1 tbsp
1 egg
boneless all white meat chicken tender strips
olive oil & butter - 2 tbsp each

Beat egg and add garlic and onion to egg in bowl. In another bowl, put coconut flour and a few dashes of salt. (I pounded the chicken strips out to make them more tender for Lilli. Then I cut them into bite sized pieces.) Dip chicken strips/pieces in egg mixture, then in coconut and salt mixture. Fry in olive oil and butter a few minutes on each side until browned.



  1. I love reading about how Lilli's personality is coming through now. I have heard about coconut flour but haven't seen it in the store. Do you have to special order it?

  2. No, I got it at Earth Fare. I don't know if you have those up where you are. Try Whole Foods or Trader Joes maybe. I have not checked those out yet to compare prices. I was going to look online and see if I could order it cheaper in bulk.

  3. I look so forward to hearing your Lilli stories. I need to "get som" Lilli love! When we were at the small group dinner @ the Pavillion, every time I went up to her to talk to her, she would lean in and put her head on my cheek. I kept going back all night!