Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet Lilli

It is a good day when no one takes my full mug of much-needed coffee off the counter and carries it into the living room to play with on the carpet. Today was that day. Yesterday I lost two cups of the precious liquid to the secret coffee mug swiper. Yesterday I was not thinking and left it out in plain sight, instead of hidden. I only let myself drink one mug total, so one mug spilled is a tragedy.

I have three children, Lilli, Chloe, and Josh. Chloe is my 3 year old. She is SO 3. She asks me a lot of questions ABOUT my coffee but she doesn't ever touch my mug. Josh is my almost 5 month old curious baby boy, hands everywhere grabbing. But I know better than to let him grab my coffee.

My Lilli is the one. I don't know what it is about the full mug, or even the full glass. She is tall with long, 6-year-old arms and she can grab anything on the counter and run off with it. She is especially fond of certain glasses we have. When I take one out of the cabinet to get a drink, I have to make sure Lilli doesn't see it, or it's sure to be on my carpet within the hour. But Lilli knows when she's done something wrong. When she sees me upset and I say, "Lilli, you shouldn't have done that! Tell Mommy you're sorry!" She does.

But she cannot speak.

She leans in and touches the tip of her nose to the tip of my nose. And I know she is truly sorry.

There is so much to tell about Lilli. There is a traumatic beginning to her story and lots in between. But these details will have to come out bit by bit. What a long post that would be, if I were to start at the beginning! I think I'll just start at the easiest place for the time being: now.

Lilli is 6 and a half. She has cerebral palsy and autism. Years ago a teacher described her best: "Lilli is a mystery." She is an affectionate, beautiful, stubborn, surprising, wonderful mystery. I can't wait to tell you more about her.

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